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2-in-1 laptop computer released in 2015. The Lenovo Flex 3-1120 can be fully rotated and used as a notebook or a tablet.

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computer failed to start no lights even when connected to power

no power or lights just failed to start seems to have 19.56v on mother board, nothing getting hot

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any beep patters are there?


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Try  to remove the battery and hold power button for 10-15 seconds.

Put back in the battery and try turning it on again.

If that still doesn’t work verify the charger is charging and matches volts that the laptop requires.

If it still doesn’t work or show any signs of activity it would most likely be shot.

If you wanted to repair look at pricing for motherboards.

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I had a flex 2 my laptop keys stopped working. To fix this I tried power reset as guided online did pressing the power key for 15 sec in shut down and no adapter connected doing so it gave me long beep sound. Post that it's not starting not changing. I have tried pressing the power key this time post removing the battery as it is inbuilt however of no use plz advice

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