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The Motorola MBP33SBU is a 2.8-inch Video Baby Monitor featuring a two-way audio that allows you to communicate back and forth in different rooms. The device includes night vision, sound activation, a full-color LCD screen, and a 590-foot wireless range with out-of-range indication. Motorola also came out with the MBP33XL version, which features a larger 3.5-inch screen.

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MBP36S - audio only; no video

My MBP36S baby video monitor has stopped working properly. The parent unit tells me that it is paired with the camera unit (and won’t let me remove the camera to try to pair again) and the units are connected for audio, in that I can use the audio only function on the monitor. However, the video function has just stopped working. I have tried resetting both units 100s of times (removing battery; unplugging, etc.) to no avail. Please help!!!

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This happened to ours also. For our the problem was the battery was depleted and wasn’t charging. We found we could use the parent unit with the battery taken out and just used plugged in. Hope this helps.

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