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iPod Hi-Fi is a speaker system that was developed and manufactured by Apple Inc. and was released on February 28, 2006, for use with any iPod digital music player. The iPod Hi-Fi retailed at the Apple Store until its discontinuation on September 5, 2007.

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Unable get power from the Dock adapter anymore.

I had this iPod Hi-Fi since it came out and used it with from iPod Mini to Airport Express remote speaker then until now with one of those BlueTooth 30-pin dongle adapter

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to listen music from my iPhone. After using it for a less than a year, no more BT! so I replaced the dongle but it turned out that the dock’s not powered. I suspect the speaker is powered on all the time even if not used so that some fuse or capacitor burned out. Exception of not charging everything works fine. Any workaround to this or should I break it open? I don’t want it disfigured and ugly after the repair… thx!

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These speakers only charge through FireWire (they were released on 2006 exclusively for the iPods). Apple started using USB instead of FireWire for charging in 2008. So If you have an older iPod classic, Nano (3rd gen and prior) or 1st gen Touch you should try to plug it to see if it charges!

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If this speaker is not powered anymore, it is probably caused by faulty components in the power supply. I repaired this unit for one of my customers. I found 4 primary filter elco’s (all in parallel) that were completely decayed. These parts were oxidized and some of them had broken leads. Further the bridge rectifier (KBP206G) and a 3.15A fuse were blown. I replaced all the parts and used some very good quality capacitors. Use the same dimensions for the capacitors by the way, otherwise you cannot close the metal case afterwards. I also replaced an NTC preventively. After placing all the parts back, the speaker was repaired and produced some great sound again.

The most difficult part of the repair is opening the case. You first have to get the black aluminum front plate off from the speaker case. You need some hot air to soften the glue and pull very carefully. When the plate is completely removed, unscrew the woofer from the case and carefully disconnect the wires. You should use gloves at this point, because there is a lot of dirty and sticky foam around the wires. After removing the woofer, unscrew the black plate where the tweeters are mounted and carefully lift it up and disconnect the necessary wires until you can lift it completely out of the case. From there, you can disassemble the metal case where the power supply is built in.

You can also find a video on Youtube where you can see how to disassemble this speaker.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this repair.

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