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iPad/iPod dock with a rechargeable battery. Introduced in 2011.

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What plugs into this? I have a iPad

I have an I pad not sure which version and I dosen’t fit into charge

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Image 2 looks like my I pad charging port


@jimkelly Yeah, the dock you have only supports the connector on Image 1. You can buy a converter from Apple if you wish to connect your iPad to this dock.


Thanks Aaron


@jimkelly My pleasure! It makes my day to know I helped someone today. I try to help at least 1 person a day.


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This docking station/speaker supports the 32 pin connector, not the lightning pin. Have a look at these images I linked below and comment which one of the images looks most like the charging port on your iPad.

Image 1

Image 2

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iPhone and iPad use same charger


@jimkelly As I said in the comment on your answer post you can buy a converter to use this dock.


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