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HP released this ergonomic laptop (model number 15-au123cl) in October 2016. It features Windows 10 and a touch screen.

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Laptop itsnt Turning on, only giving black sreen

Yesterday my laptop said it needed to be restarted and would do so by its self while i was using it. Since then it hasn’t worked. When I turn it on I see the hp sign and the loading symbol underneath. It then goes to a black screen and recently it has showen me the log in page but hasn’t stayed around long enough to allow me to log in. It just goes back to the black screen. I donno what to do Nothing I’ve looked up has worked…

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First. Get to recovery mode (press ctrl alt del when the loading circle appears or turn your pc off when it appears twice)

Advanced > advanced > boot options (or similar, can’t remember by detail) > safe mode

Tell me if it works

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It just went to blue screen which said hibernating with a loading circle underneath. I left it for a number of hours and nothing happened


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