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The PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PSP. It contains a beefed up processor and graphics, and includes the addition of a second analog stick. It was released February 15, 2012.

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Why does my ps vita shut down after being in standby for 14 seconds

so ive ran into this problem recently where i turn the vita off so its in standby mode and after 14 seconds it shuts down the vita. i left the vita on charge for a hour or so to make sure its not because the battery is too low but still happens. my vita is jail broken dont know if thats got anything to do with it. here is a link to a video of it. thanks for any help

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go to your menu and look at your power settings,see if one has shutdown timer or a turn off timer

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thanks but theres nothing there. its just standby options


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I have this same exact problem and do not know what to do either

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Hi. I somehow fixed my vita. I was unsure how. If I was you I would try taking the back off your vita and removing the battery and pressing the power buttons a few times so it drains any electricity in the vita. Then put it back together and see if that fixed it. I'm not sure if that will fix it but I remember I had the issue and took apart the vita to add a LED mod to it and it randomly fixed itself.

Hope this helps


Ok thank you I swear I knew it had something to do with the battery and thankfully I just bought a new one. Thank you for this I will try.


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