No backlight, but powers on and the image is there.

I’ve got an iMac from a customer that was having issues a couple of months ago and I replaced the inverter board, which seemed to fix the issue.

The machine has since come back, and replacing the inverter board again hasn’t solved the issue.

Now, when the computer powers up, I get a brief flash of backlight, then off completely. I’m not 100% sure the inverted board is good. I was hoping somebody had a way to isolate if the issue is the inverter or the LCD itself.

Can I probe the inverter? I’m just not sure which points or what voltages I’m looking for.

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You mean LED driver board? The older CCFL systems had inverters


How does the LED power cable look? Any visible damage? Is the connector damaged?


No signs of damage on the cable or connector that I can see.


You'll need to locate the schematics and board views to try to trace it out. Its possible the replacement was also bad or went bad as the power supply is damaging it.


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