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Subaru Indiana Automotive commencing production in February 2004 for the North American markets for 2005 model year.

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The car engine cranks very slow and doesn't start

After checking all sensors, changing spark plugs, CO2 sensor, crank pos sensor changing battery and so on, the engine keeps cranking slow and doesn’t start.

What is wrong with my car???

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tlccuroffice “the engine keeps cranking slow “ this would be caused by the starter. The speed of which it turns during start up is directly related to the rotations (and gears) of the starter.

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If the sensors are replaced or the battery is removed, the ECU learning is reset. If the ECU is reset and there is no learning data, it will take some time to start cranking and start the engine. To learn the ECU, stop all electrical loads (air conditioners, etc.) and let them idle for 10 minutes. After that, if you drive and run 50-100km, learning will be completed to some extent. Subaru learns every 30km, so if you ride for a while, it will get better.

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