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Broken phone, can it be fixed?

It has possible water damage and took some impact. Phone screen will not light up at all, but is not broken (great screen protector). There might be a hole in the battery and it was smoking last night. Definitely smell chemicals. Tried plugging it in, and would only vibrate consistently, but not exactly turn on. Can this be fixed? Sorry for horrible picture, working off horrible tablet.

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Hi Kristan,

If there was smoke coming out of it I highly doubt it can be fixed. The battery is definitely done, and because it was on fire my guess is the internals are shot too.

I’m so sorry this happened! My best advice is to make sure the phone gets properly recycled. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again!

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Hi Kristan.

To improve your odds, you must resist the temptation to reinsert the battery to test, not until at least 24 hours later and after disassembly. If the cellphone/PDA is still wet inside -- ZAP. It can take weeks for the inside of a cellphone/PDA to fully dry if you do not disassemble. It can take less than 24 hours to dry if you dissemble first. So disassemble first(If you know well how to do it)!

Now where the battery is destroyed, you have to remove it anyway and get a new one to do any further test.

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