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Gaming laptop released in 2014 with an Nvidia 860M graphics card and a 15.6" display. Updated in 2015 with 960M graphics.

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replacing the charging port with the port of the lenovo G505

i have an old Lenovo G505 that isn’t working

and my current laptop is the Lenovo z50 i was wondering if it’s possible to replace the charging port on my Z50 with the one on the G505

since they both use the same connector and both use the same charger


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Although they both use the same connector and charger, the cable which connects the port to the mainboard may differ. I had a quick look at the pictures of both mainboards and it looks like the connector used is different. On the Z50, the connector is soldered flat to the board where as the G505 port is upright. I recommend finding a new charging port on e-bay or a part seller site which is made for your Z50. There is also the risk of the pin layout being different and you could damage the mainboard of your Z50.

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thank you good sir!

i will try replacing it with a charging port that is actually made for the z50

you saved me the hassle and the money i would've paid to take both laptops apart

thanks you again. :D


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