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Mobile media player with Ayre Acoustics circuit design inside. Micro SD memory expansion, non replaceable battery.

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Why my Pono player do not charge?

I bought a 2nd Pono player that I do not use for the moment.I charged 2 times with no problems.the third time I tried to charge the battery that was completely uncharged with no success.the Pono player do not even become warm.Nothing.Dead.

any suggestions?

Thank you in advance


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Hi @artfart

Had you tried using another known working battery from another Pono player?


Thank you.No I didn’t.Until now I have been scare to even try to open the Pono.I will find somebody who knows electronics and do what you suggested me.


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The charging issue may be your unit or the usb cord. You might try a reset.

The PonoPlayer will only use up to 0.5A for charging and operation unless a valid charger is detected. The PonoPlayer will detect USB compliant chargers. If a valid charger is detected the player will charge at up to 2.1A.

If you have the charger already connected while shut down the player, the charging screen does not come up automatically after shutdown, and the player doesn't actually charge! 

Try get fast charging:

- in shutdown: get the charging screen up (press O briefly) if it isn't already

- in use: boot up with the charger already connected, and don't disconnect it ever.

These are firmware bugs, but you get no chance to report them to Pono.

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Thank you

Nothing I can do.everything is dead .


Sorry for did not help you, but hope you will solve the problem soon. Thank you! Have a nice weekend.


Thank you Albert


You're welcome, Arthur.


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