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Essential Products was founded in November 2015 by Andy Rubin (Android co-founder) and closed in February 2020.

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SIM card tray replacement

Recently I purchased a essential phone with no SIM card tray it is a black phone and the only tray I could find on eBay is white will it work in a black phone are they universal

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As long as it is the same model.

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I found a black SIM card tray for you, and to answer your question yes the SIM card trays are universal so it really does not matter what color it is.

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Hello do you still have a tray. Mine broke


Unfortunately it looks like there is no replacement SIM card tray for sale anywhere online right now as all of the possible listings are out of stock. It never hurts to contact Essential customer support and ask for a replacement SIM card tray there. ;-}


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