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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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No MagSafe Light / Not Charging after DC-In Board Replacement


The pins on both my MacBook Pro’s adapter and DC-In board where melted/deformed with black stain around them. This built-up over time and gradually. As a result, It wasn’t connecting properly and I had difficulty finding a sweet spot to make it start charging. The power adapter and the connector would get extremely hot.

To fix the above issue, I changed both the power adapter (genuine Apple-branded 85W adapter) and DC-In board. DC-In board is purchased from iFixit based on the recommended part in their repair guide for my MacBook Pro. P/N 923-0096

Side Notes

This is the second time I had to do this. The first time it was about 1.5 years ago and it worked flawlessly (I had to reset SMC to make MagSafe connector light turn on).

The reasons for this repeated issue is my work environment: There are microscopic steel particle dust in my workplace as we operate sheet metal laser cutting equipment.

Current Issue

MagSafe Light is off. Battery Menu indicates:

Battery is not charging.

Power Source: Power Adapter

System Information gives me normal reading on the battery itself and everything else, except, here is what I have for AC charger information:

Connected: Yes

ID: 0x0000

Revision: 0x0000

Family: 0x0000

Serial Number: 0x00000000

Charging: No

Things I Have Already Tried

  1. I made sure the power adapter is good: It charges other laptops, and a working charger of another laptop shows exactly the same symptoms.
  2. I did SMC reset multiple times with and without power adapter attached.
  3. I reviewed the installation process and made sure all connectors are properly in place and the DC-in board is sitting properly and the pins are at the correct location.

Additional Thoughts / Questions

Could it be that iFixit replacement part is the wrong part or defective?

Could it need a different part due to a repair they performed on my MacBook Pro in 2014?

The background story on this: My MacBook broke down under warranty and they replaced the motherboard. The first time I changed the DC board I realized an issue with the replacement motherboard: One screw in the middle does not line up with the hole in my MacBook Pro and they have left it out. (Repair was done by Apple Store) I don’t know if this screw hole misalignment indicates that they have put an older or later revision of the motherboard that works with a different DC-In board. The first replacement DC-In board was purchased from e-Bay for a much cheaper price than iFixit, but claimed to be compatible with a broader range model years and it was working for over a year without any problems.

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Solução escolhida

After disassembling the laptop and looking closely, I found the problem: The board that I purchased from iFixIt was faulty. See the circled area in the following photo. It shows the broken tab on the connector. (There is no way I could have damaged it during installation.)

Block Image

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The correct part: MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2015) MagSafe 2 DC-In Board - P/N 923-923-0667

Sounds like you got this one: MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Mid 2012-Early 2013) MagSafe 2 DC-In Board - P/N 923-0096

Either you got a fake charger, did you buy it off of Amazon or eBay for cheap? or sadly your logic board has a problem with the SMC charging logic.

Given the environment I’m amazed the system has lasted this long! While I know its a pain you really need a HEPA filtered cabinet to house your system with a industrial sealed keyboard/trackpad and a second sealed case for an external display.

I had a customer who was doing metal finishing; sand blasting and grinding. He wanted a couple of systems on the floor so the workers could review the specs and manage their job time. He had two MacBook Pro’s and within a few months they both died! After fixing them I got him the needed cases. He brings them in every year to get cleaned and get the drive straightened out. So far we had to replace one due to a power surge but the other is still ticking!

Imagem de MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Mid 2012-Early 2013) MagSafe 2 DC-In Board


MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Mid 2012-Early 2013) MagSafe 2 DC-In Board


Imagem de MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2015) MagSafe 2 DC-In Board


MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2015) MagSafe 2 DC-In Board


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5 comentários:

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and respond to my question.

I have updated my question to clarify that I do have the correct DC-In board (P/N 923-0096) and a known-good genuine Apple 85W charger.

Could iFixit part be simply defective? Do you know if they test the parts that they ship?


If the screws don't line up you got the wrong part. This part is not overly complex so the possibility of it being defective is low.


DC-In board lines-up perfectly.

The replacement motherboard that Apple Store put in my laptop does not line up with the screw in the middle of the board. (The screws close to the edges match correctly). I am planning on putting back the old DC-In board, it still kinda works if you fiddle with it a bit. If the old board works again, then definitely the iFixIt board is faulty. I will report back when I do this but I have an upcoming trip today...


As you see, the faulty connector of the DC-In board caused the problem.


One in a million!


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Sorry if this inappropriate to add to your question….

I found only this post (so far) searching for a solution to the same issue of cooked MagSafe2 charger and the MagSafe DC for a Mid 2015 Macbook Pro 2.5GHz. I did not find a replacement guide specific to the mid 2015. Is it the same process as the mid 2014?


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Yes, the process is the same and here's the needed part MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2015) MagSafe 2 DC-In Board


I installed the MagSafe 2 DC-In Board about a month ago and the new MagSafe 2 Charger (A1424/2015) worked fine. I ordered another MagSafe 2 Charger as a back up and for convenience in another location. It only works intermittently, mostly not.

Is there a test that could be run on the chargers or should I return it to you? Are faulty chargers common?


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