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Device repair and troubleshooting help for the Dell Alienware 14, a 14 inch gaming laptop manufactured and sold by Dell.

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65w charger works fine 130w slows cpu performance.

I have the Alienware 14 i5 4200m 8gb ram 750gb 7200rpm HDD GT 750M. When charging with dell 65w charger everything works fine and is relatively quick. When charging with 130w charger my cinebench score drops down to 74 on the cpu. Specs say that this laptop came with 150w charger so why does 130 slow performance and 65 not?

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Normally I would say that this makes no sense, but since I don’t know the design of the charger, I can only speculate.

The “larger” supply may not have voltage regulation built in. When a piece of equipment that requires certain power levels does not get it, the voltage may drop and the current draw may increase. This will change the behavior of the circuitry. In your case, the 65W version may only provide so much current, but may also have a voltage regulator circuit that will prevent voltage drops. The other may not have that option.

Please note that this is pure speculation. Without taking the chargers apart and studying the designs, there is no way to know for sure.


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Thank you very much for your response, I was just baffled by this as the 130 watt charger is much closer to the original spec and is also made by Dell and appears to be for a gaming/high performance laptop. I think i'm going to look online for the OEM charger for this laptop and see where that takes me. I found this 130 watt charger for $10 and thought it would do the trick.


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