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iPhone 6s (model A1633) Bluetooth Not working

As the title says, my Bluetooth is not working. I’m having trouble finding a replacement Bluetooth antenna. A competing web site shows the wifi antenna also containing the Bluetooth antenna. ifixit doesn’t list Bluetooth in the description of the wifi antenna.

Bestbuy offered a guess it might be the logic board….idk. The battery has been changed to an ifixit battery, and they also said that may be hindering its ability to work. LOL

Does anyone have any advice on how to fix/troubleshoot the Bluetooth?

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I have had bad luck with ifixit batteries in the past, but I seriously doubt that is the cause of your bluetooth issue.

If you are also having issues with WiFi it could be the actual IC, as the same chip controls both.

Check your antenna connections at the top left (weird looking bracket on the logic board above the pwr/vol flex), and bottom right (diversity antenna sitting on top of the loudspeaker)

If all of that fails, it also never hurts to try a DFU reset. If you’re still having issues at that point you might need some board work done.

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Is WiFi grayed out or is it just not finding anything? I will say I cannot think of a time where the actual antenna itself went bad, its too simple to really fail. WiFi module or boosters on the other hand could absolutely fail.

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