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3.28 Megapixel camcorder released in March of 2014. Identified by part number 9176b001.

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Scrambled Screen on LCD and when recording

I just pulled out my camera ( Canon Vixia HF R500) for the first time in a while. I fully charged the battery (this happens with battery and with the battery out and its plugged directly into an outlet). I turned on the camera and it had me choose a language and set up the time and date. As soon as I finished and it went into video mode, the screen is just scrambled with pink and purple lines. I’m not sure where to begin

LCD screen itself is working perfectly, but once I go into recording mode - thats when the problem arises.

Block Image

any direction would be great! Thank you!

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If a previously recorded tape plays back like this as well, the first thing I would do would be to clean the heads. Since the data is digital in nature, missing data can create all kinds of “noise” like this. Start with a good cleaning and report the results here. Since the menu displayed correctly, the problem here is the source of the pictures and not the screen.


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Hi Dan,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! With the risk of me sounding ignorant....are there heads on a digital video camera? There is no previous media to play back, its an empty SD card. When I try to record it comes out with the scrambled image like I posted with my question.

Yes it seems the LCD screen itself is working perfectly, but once I go into recording mode - thats when the problem arises.


Sorry... Spent too many hours working on digital tape cameras. With an SD card there are no "heads" to clean. My mistake. I typed in the wrong model number. To narrow this down a bit, take a few stills (I think you can do that with this camera) and look at them from a computer or another camera. If that works OK, then the circuitry from the camera lens etc. to the SD is working correctly. That means that the problem is the processing from the camera chip or the SD card to the display.

Update this with the result of that experiment and I will look up the service info in the mean time. This may be a simple fix.



One other common cause of this is bad connections at connection cables. If you have the tools, dis-assemble and re-seat all the cables and connectors. Report here what happens. Use the following as guides to dis-assemble the camera:

Canon Vixia HF R500 Disassembly



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