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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Home Button Not Sitting Flush

So, I have done a lot of iPad digitizer replacements. However, every time I have to move the old home button to the new digitizer it never sits flush to the screen. It always wants to wiggle, slide under the screen or just not stay tight against the screen. I have tried different manufacturers of digitizers and they all seem to have this issue. This leaves me to assume that I am missing something in my replacement process. I picked the A1566 because I know that it has touchID and therefore needs the home button swapped, but this issue isn’t just with this model. Any suggestions?

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With some models there is a thin plastic ring that is adhered on the screen between the home button and the glass. I have found that a lot of replacement digitizers do not have this plastic ring on them, even if they include a home button. You may have to transfer over this part.

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I have been transferring the ring. The button is actually sitting too low for the screen, not too high.


Then perhaps try doing it without the ring? The ring lowers the button a bit and makes it sit deeper.



Wouldn't that keep it from making contact/clicking properly?


Oh yeah, it could. Unfortunately, I don't really have an answer for you then.


So the trick is to actually add something that will stay under the home button bracket and is not too thick or too thin but just thick enough to make the home button level with the glass and not dipped in.

In this case I just use a small piece of double sided adhesive, keep the protection tape on the other side not peeled and the other peeled, this will in result level the home button closer to the surface of the glass.

Some other notes:

- Don't attempt to bend the bracket to make the small circle part on the middle of the bracket be closer to the home button actuator as this does not let the adhesive on the bracket sit on well to the glass.

- Thin strong adhesives like TESA 61395 are the key to making the home button sit more flush to the glass.

- The plastic ring that goes on the home button should always be left on as without it the home button may get jammed or feel wobbly when pressing it down.


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