Device not turning on, internal power supply works but PMU IC gets hot

Hello everyone,

a few days ago an Apple TV 4th gen came in and I've been attempting at perhaps fixing it up. Of course, it does not power on, and connecting it to a PC or Mac by USB-C did not show any signs of life either. The background of the device is unclear, so I cannot state whether it was dropped or how exactly it stopped working. Opening it up and probing around made me come to some conclusions:

- The internal power supply still works and is delivering its supposed 12 Volts

- The main pcb shows no signs of water damage or any other type of damaged/discolored components

- Hooking the main pcb up to 12 Volts on a power supply shows that it draws about 130-170mA

- One specific IC, the 338S00057, which barely has any information on the internet about it, is getting rather warm/hot when hooking the pcb up, since this IC is probably responsible for sustaining several power rails, I was thinking perhaps a certain rail is shorted to ground, however a short would result in a much greater current draw, so I am not sure

- The IC might also be a memory controller, as its part name is similar to the 2015 Retina Macbooks Memory controller 338S00055

The IC marked in green is the one getting hot.

Block Image

Block Image

As there are no schematics for Apple TVs and these issues rarely occur, I am not expecting this to be fixable. Someone suggested to check the CPU clock crystals, but I can neither buy replacements of them or read them out because I dont have an oscilloscope.

Suggestions would be great, thanks in advance!

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