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Released in March of 2008, The Sony Alpha A350 delivers detailed images with its 14.2 megapixel resolution.

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After the camera was dropped, pictures are shifted upwards

Sony alpha 350 digital camera.

I dropped the camera to the ground, it landed on the underneath surface and still works, but now the pictures I get shifts approximately 10-15 degrees vertically upwards compared to what I see on the screen before the picture is taken.

May the mirrors have moved??

Can I fix this myself??



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Hi @peiter

Had you tried with another known working lens?

how about looking at the viewfinder and LCD screen?

tested the image output on your PC?

If all had tried I think it need to be re-calibrated / repair at the service centre

If it is still under warranty... send in for service...

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I have this problem too. I looked around online and I think it may be an issue with the Super SteadyShot system becoming misaligned.

I’ve thought about taking it into a repair shop to take a look at it but the camera is so outdated, I’m not even sure it’ll be worth it. Hopefully this’ll give you something to work off of. If you find any more info let me know!

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