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Repair information for the Apple Earphones that include a remote and microphone. Released in 2009. Model number: MB770G/B.

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Right earphone not working

Hey guys! My right earphone isn’t working and if I pull slightly on the wire near the ear it suddenly starts working. Please can someone help me how to fix this?

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kill or cure lol :)

just open it up if u can solder, and glue it back after it`s a 5 min job

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When this problem occurs at the jack plug end it's usually relatively straightforward to chop off the plug and fit a new one, but at the earphone end it's much harder.

If you can hold the wire in such a position that it works, you might be able to mould some Sugru ( around it to hold it there, but it might not last long. Otherwise you'll have to try and crack open the earpiece in order to pull the wire beyond the break into the housing and re-solder. But it'll be kill or cure.

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