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Repair guides and support for the Huawei P9 Lite, released in April 2016.

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Possibly water damaged phone, strange sound coming from inside.

Few days ago my phone was exposed to rain while I was trying to take pictures of the area ( I'm on a trip right now ) then i took it with me in the bathroom while i was taking a showe where i believe it was exposed to humidity i noticed then some strange sounds coming out from the middle of the phone.. the sound is static, i can hear the electricity inside if i put my ear on it, now i don't know what it is exactly but i can say everything on the phone works fine , the single thing that bothers me is the charging, it takes so much time to charge right now and it seems it heat up faster then before, anyone knows what might be the part damaged? Could it be the battery?

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I took an aplication wich shows me the temperature of every working components of the phone, the highest temperature was on tsense senzors wich had 60 degrees, battery temperature was constantly 36-40 so i guess the problem is from the processor maybe?


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Hello alin my name is Hassan. From the situation you described it sounds as though the phone may have some water inside potienally which is causing the battery to overheat whilst charging. The iPhone sends a notification to the phone to say the phone is to hot and needs to be cooled down. What I suggest is to use a cool dryer ( hair dryer or some sort of cool compressed air to cool the phone down. If your confident in diy and all that then you could possibly open it and take a look yourself and I could walk you through it over the phone if you like ?

Hope this helps and if you have any other questions let me know.

If the phone constantly gets really really hot then i would show it to a shop to have a look for yourself.

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