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The Lenovo Yoga 2 11 20332 is a two-in-one tablet/laptop released in the United States, October 2013.

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Why does the mouse not work? Even when I use a wireless mouse it stil

I am having problems with the mouse not working. Even using an wireless external mouse the mouse is opening all types of documents and web pages. As well as there is a permanent mouse on the screen.

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I wonder if the touch pad is acting up. If you can, try to disable the touch pad and just use the mouse. If the mouse pad or board is going bad, it could have lots of phantom clicks as you see. You may be able to disable the built in mouse / touchpad using Windows Device Manager (if you can get there!) and just use an external only.

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What you suggested did not work. Device manager would not allow me to disable the built in mouse. Also, I have a permanent mouse on the screen, but it does not move. The external mouse will move but still in doing random moves.


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