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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Why I can't access diagnostic mode

I installed a new control board and machine won't go into diagnostic mode. What is next step?

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What is your model number?


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Is it a top load with no dial? Cabrio? If so turn it on and unplug and wait till it goes dead “ youll be impressed how long” and then wait three minutes, take a screw driver and touch the two flat leads on the plug in together “unplugged of course” then plug it in with the lid down, open the lid for sec or two then close it, used three buttons as like 1,2,3. Press 1,then 2 then 3 in normal sorta motion three times in a row, if it has a dial and the sensing, wash done spin lights under the knob, turn it a few times left, “all the way around”then right. Right. Right. Left. Right. Not to fast not to slow, every fail try, spin left few times again.

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Press each button, if you see buttons responding (like LED blink whenever you press a button), this means touch pad or buttons are working. If you became certain that all buttons are responding but unit still won t go to test mode, check door switch, if switch is OK…then it must be the control board.

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