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finding component DZ4710, not real part name

Got an iphone 6s+ water damaged, screen is black. When hooked up working screen and turned it on bypassing power button, got to the pass code screen. When use the power button, no reaction.

Troubleshooting results revealed the DZ4710 is bad (in pieces) and needs to be replaced along with couple of other components in the same area.

The diode identified as DZ4710, on the iphone 6s+ schematic, would anyone know the true part name for it. I tried several distributors and no one can find that part, the name on schematic does not seem to be the name of the part.

Update (07/12/2018)

Hi David, thank you for the response, the image is attached. The diode is is on the right side of the power button connector (J4700), emphasized by black rectangle around it.

Block Image

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Hi David, thank you for your research and time. I compared the diode, which is broken and it appears to be glass, however it is a zener diode, which means it will allow current going in revers once the avalanche voltage is reached. The diode you recommended is a one way diode. So my plan is to find an exact diode to replace it with before, I would try D4021, which may work.

But, I do appreciate your help.


Hi David, the follow up: I received my zener diodes today put it in and the power button is working now. The diode I found is "ESD202B1CSP01005XTSA1CT-ND". That is not to say the d4021 would not have worked.

Thank you again.


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Hi, Can you post a picture of your board and point to the diode you need to replace I'm confident we would have stock of the board part you need.

Update (07/17/2018)

Hi Ian,

I have looked in to this and we have this instock, however you need to look to see if it is Black or a glass diode the part number is D4020 is black or D4021 is glass,Spam removed

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David, I posted the image below in the answer area, since this the only place I could preview my answer to make sure image is attached and is visible. Waiting on your or anyone's response regarding the part number and where it may be sourced from.


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