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A laptop in Sony's FE series produced for the UK and other non-US markets.

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Up to what cpu can I upgrade? (VAIO VGN-FE31b/w)


I am using very old SONY VAIO VGN-FE31B/W, which I bought in Japan over 10 years ago. And I installed Bodhi linux. It goes so well till now.

Anyway, I don't like the cpu of it; Intel Celeron(R) M 430 1.7Ghz.

I upgraded most parts of this laptop, and lastly, I hope to be able to upgrade the cpu.

Is there Anybody who could tell me up to what kind of cpu I can upgrade it?

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Sadly the CPU is soldered to the logic board which is common in laptops. You would need to replace the full logic board to the best that Sony offered in this series which is likely more expensive than just buying a new system.

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Not exactly. The CPU in sony vgn fe31b/w is not soldered at all.


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Hi @hbmg as usual, if you have any important data, please backup first.

What I will suggest you to do is to try updating your laptop to the latest bios possible.

to really support, it really depends on the bios, what i do is normally i will compare the specs of what it can the laptop mainboard can support the processor, e.g.

listed on the website of the configuration,

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