black screen after battery replacement iPhone 7 plus

Hey guys, I replaced the battery in my iphone 7 plus. The phone was working properly before, but the battery life was low, so I decided to try to replace it. I performed the replacement which seemingly went well. Trying to power the phone on doesn't appear to do anything. Connecting a charger and trying to power the phone on the screen stays black. The home button haptic feedback is working, so it would seem that it must have power. I did not disconnect the screen as part of the battery change, and I took the phone back apart a second time to check all connections.

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It's recommended to disconnect the screen entirely, for safety reasons.

Did you try flashing a light/angling the screen to see if the back light just blew out? You can barely see the display if you look closely.

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To fix iPhone black screen of death, you can also restore your iPhone through iTunes. However, please make sure you have backed up all your important data from your iPhone via iTunes to restore iPhone with the iTunes backup. And during the process, iTunes will erase all data and settings on your iPhone to fix your iPhone.

Firstly, get a USB cord to link your iPhone to computer and launch iTunes on computer.

Secondly, click the iPhone icon on iTunes, then hit the Restore iPhone option on the right panel on iTunes window.

Finally, confirm your action to restore your iPhone on the pop-up window. Then iTunes will start to erase all data and settings on your iPhone, download and install the latest iOS version on your iPhone. Finishing the process, your iPhone black screen issue will be fixed.

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Whatever problem your iPhone has, the first method you can try to fix it is to force restart your iPhone. Sometimes it works, and it will not damage your iOS device. Now you can follow the instructions as below to remove your iPhone black screen.

Here is how to do:

> Please press and hold simultaneously the Power button and Home button on your iPhone till the Apple logo shows on screen.

> Then release the Power button, and your iPhone will be rebooted automatically.

> Check if you can operate your iPhone normally or not.

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