Lens not zooming in or out

I've been using my fz70 somewhat intensively for three years. Recently the lens has been failing to respond when the zoom lever is activated. Turning the camera on and off eventually resolves the issue, but my sense of it is that the lens mechanism itself is wearing out and about to fail permanently.

Replacing the camera appears to be the only reasonable option, but I would rather not if I can get more use out of it, as I am hoping to save enough for a more advanced camera with interchangeable lenses--and am not sure

Is this problem repairable--can the mechanism be lubricated somehow, for example? (I know how that sounds, but I'm just asking.)

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I got the same issue, been a long time not using it i bring it out to use for coverage the June 21, 2020, solar eclipse. now I just learned or realized the zoom lens is not coming out as before or moving in and out. wish this can be fixed.. Maybe directly we ask the question to the manufacturer.?


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