Primary Microphone not working

Okay everything used to work fine until one event less day when the main(bottom) Mic stopped working and I could no longer take calls or record voice. I'm able to talk on speaker on calls using the secondary mic. Even the camera recordings are only picking up the one side of the sounds in the stereo recording mode. Due to circumstances, I'm unable to send it into warranty. I already tried replacing the bottom replaceable module and there was no change. Any solution is really appreciated. At the moment, the only way to privately answer calls is to use earphones.

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Edit: It is still not answered! I accidentally ended up selecting one. I apologise for the newbie mistake.


I am having the same issue. The phone always tends to get really hot when this is happening. It happened to me a year ago and basically fixed itself. It’s happening again now. I really do think it is a software issue, as it usually happens for a week or more, and then I get an Android update. I hear an Android update is supposed to release in August sometime, so it doesn’t surprise me that I’m having issues.


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