Problem Code 2,179,10 Release Lock Switch on CanoScan LIDE 120

I accidentally dropped my CanoScan LIDE 120. Now it keeps showing error code 2,179,10

Block Image

. It is NOT a simple problem of moving the lock switch. I moved the switch back and forth many times. I think the black plastic rod with teeth may have been bent. I open the glass and bend the rod but still receive the code. Any idea to help? Thank you.


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I got device that has same problem and it's caused by dropping it to the ground like you. I inspected it but couldn't find any broken or bend thing inside and I checked slider mechanism, and it's working smoothly. Also there was one sensor in the end, that detect scanner head start position and I tricked it and put head in different locations and still end up getting same result. So if it's something bend or broken on the slider, I doubt that I wouldn't get that kind of result. unless it's broke whole thing but nothing there to be suspect that way. However as it's seems like lock button is just physically block the path of head but I couldn't find any electrical output that gives to the system. So my conclusion is this scanner has highly precision mechanics or timing mechanism that is very poorly or intentionally build to broke by simple impact. and self repairing is impossible unless you have 2 devices to figure out it's fault.


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