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The DeWalt DW920 is a 7.2 volt cordless screwdriver.

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How do I disengage the auto chuck release.

Doing work on multi layer conveyor systems accessing control panels. Lost the bit and and lost my backup didn't have another backup other than a screwdriver which I resorted to. Bits fell 5 stories never to be seen gain. The slightest bump on the chuck ejects the bit - Very poor design.

I'm committed to the unit - too late to return it. So I have electrical tape wrapped several time around the chuck forced in between the chuck and unit to keep chuck from moving. Sure hope I don't have to replace the bit or bit holder

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Hey, that power driver had one too and gave excellent service 7 years straight driving millions of screws for tv repairs I used to do, now cellphone repair as new trade, nothing wrong with that events except few suggestions:

Might be worn out or jammed bearing ball keeping the bits latched on poorly and ejects bit too easily. Or the collar spring too weak.

There is a snapped on wire clip keeping release collar on. Take this off then carefully take collar off watch out for the ball bearing. Then clean out crud out of hole where ball bearing goes. There are only one spring for collar and one small ball bearing. Spring is inside the socket for helping ejecting bits only.

Dewalt has repair and tools stores everywhere.

Cheers, Jason

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Hi Jason,

I am Michael, it’s true with this machine, the best from all over the World what Dewalt created ever and believe me, I try many like Milwaukee, Hilti, Wurth, Makita and others but none like this best DW920 and without need spare parts or repair in 20 years of full use in Electrotechnical, Mechanical and Electronics areas. The versatility impressive, time of use of Battery so long, and even use like power mechanical tool with adapters of tubular wrench of 17, 19 mm for faster work. amazing tool. I need a Motor because I am afraid in sun to not let me down even do not notice weakness yet.


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