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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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MacBook Pro with battery removed: strange behavior, no serial number

My MacBook Pro's battery was swelling so I had to have it removed. Since the store that did it doesn't stock this battery, I'm now using the computer without a battery until they can order one.

The computer is out of warranty and Apple quoted me a ridiculously high price for a replacement, so I had to go to a 3rd party repair shop.

I've noticed a few things, some of which I know are normal, but others I'm not sure of.

  1. In "About this Mac", the Serial number shows as "Unavailable". It used to show up fine before the battery removal.
  2. I booted up in Diagnostic mode (holding down D during boot) and it said this: "NNN001 - A serial number was not detected. The computer requires service."
  3. The computer runs very slowly, though I've heard this is normal and it's to prevent drawing too much power from the power adapter when no battery is present.
  4. In System Preferences, when I go to "Trackpad", it keeps looking for a Bluetooth trackpad and says "No trackpad found". The options to change gestures isn't there, even though my built-in trackpad is working fine, gestures and all. I just can't change anything.
  5. In "Mouse", it also doesn't give me options for "Natural scrolling direction" or tracking speed as it usually would (even if no mouse is connected), but rather searches endlessly for the non-existent Bluetooth mouse.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

So I'm wondering how much of this is normal for an absent battery. Is the "no trackpad found" thing related to the serial number missing? Why is the serial number even missing, will it "come back" once a new battery gets installed? Or will I have to use the Blank Board Serializer tool to re-set the serial? Will that also fix the trackpad issue?

Has anyone here used a MacBook Pro without a battery? Did any of this happen, and did these get resolves by installing a battery?

Could the repair shop have messed something up while removing the battery?

The shop has told me that they can't order a genuine Apple battery because apparently Apple doesn't sell them. So it's going to have to be a non-genuine battery. Is that even a good idea?


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Please answer what he asked, people need help on the same issue.

everyone knows how to change the battery describe the issue with missing the serial number after changing a battery.

I have MacBook pro-2014 mid 15” I had changed the battery and now my serial number has gone telling “unavailable serial number”



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It’s probably lost the setting for your network and printer too. It may lose the time and date if you are not connecting to the internet. Don’t worry about the anomalies until after you have the new battery in, charged it up and reset your preferences. It’s a little bit of work but you can replace this battery without taking it to a shop. Here’s how:

Substituição da bateria do MacBook Pro 15" com tela Retina do final de 2013

You can get just the battery or the kit which includes all the pessary tools to do it:

MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014) Battery

Imagem de MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014) Battery


MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014) Battery


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Thanks! It seems my network and printer settings are still there though. Do you think these issues will be resolved once I install a new battery, will the serial number return?


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Well I did not give up and created a solution.

These are the steps:

  1. Get hold of the Apple Service Diagnostics DMG (ASD_3S162) for MBPr 2013
  2. Extract the ASD EFI DMG from within ASD_3S162 DMG and restore it to a USB stick (to make it bootable).
  3. Get hold of the Blank Board Serializer (BBS) DMG ( v1.1 part number 063-07137) and mount it .
  4. View hidden files in Finder (type SHIFT + CMD + . on the keyboard). Do the same to hide again later.
  5. Copy the hidden Apps folder & the hidden diag.env file from the BBS to the root of the ASD on a USB stick.
  6. Restart and boot from that USB and it will start the Blank Board Serializer App.

Search the net for Blank Board Serializer instructions (and WARNINGS !)

I rebooted and now About-This-Mac displays the Serial Number and I have access to iCloud, etc.

My theory was that the original BBS’s EFI is too old for the 2013 MBPr’s EFI Firmware to boot it but the BBS App is not. So by utilising the ASD’s EFI boot environment (which is made for the MBP 2013), one can get it to run the BBS App instead of the ASD App (which is controlled by the diag.env file). My theory was correct.

I hope it helps someone.

I think the serial number issue I had occurred when I upgraded recently from Mojave to Catalina (after a long wait) and during that upgrade there was a firmware upgrade (which Apple always sneaks in during OS updates) that must have got borked due to a power fail which corrupted it and the Serial number.

However, for me I believe I do have a failing Logic Board as occasionally it shuts down abruptly (may be a thermal issue).

I have uploaded my working BBS for MBPr Late 2013 (and later models) here:

Use the DMB called MBPr-2013-BBS.dmg

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I have exactly the same issue as @Johnbon jovi described on my MBP Retina 13 late-2013. Serial number "Unavailable" Blank Board Serializer v1.1 does not boot off the USB on this MBP.

The battery is now connected but the serial number is not back.

Please do not suggest take it to Apple as it’s end-of-life and out of service contract.

Was this issue ever solved ?

If so how ?

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Unfortunately I couldn't figure out a way to fix this, but there were no side effects of this other than the serial number not displaying in About my Mac.


Thank you very much for replying so quickly.

My side effect is iMessage does not work on Catalina.

Ah well I'm going to have to give up and buy another board :(


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