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A pair of two speakers and one power plug. Uses a green audio wire and a reddish-pink TV-like wire to connect both speakers.

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I cant see my speakers _bluetooth

I run ubuntu. my jbl speaker and laptop (blutooth) have been connecting perfectly until today, took my laptop out with me, the battery went flat, when i got home, charged laptop, bluetooth does not find Jbl speaker. Checked preferences and , when i try to pair devices , jbl device does not appear. laptopm bluetooth is working, i can see my cell phone, and 3 new devices on bluetooth , but no JBL which is on and charged..please help??

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Have you put your JBL into pairing mode? Is it charged? If yes to both you might try resetting the speaker device history. If that doesn’t work then you might have to reset the whole thing. Both methods can be found in the owner guide or online/you tube with an easy search for: clear history, and: factory reset + JBL (whatever model).

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