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The fifth-generation Volkswagen Jetta was introduced in January 2005.

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Tire Pressure light is on, even though the tires are full of air

Out of my manual, the signal is on when i turn the car on, and it stays on meaning there is a malfunction in the system, no message pops up only the low pressure indicator.

Tires are as follow: 36 - 35.5 || 36 - 25

Tire recommended: 34 psi || Front + rear.

*Not sure if having a higher PSI will trigger a warning or not

  • Not sure if the car is checking the pressure in my spare tire or not
  • I DO NOT have a reset button in my glove box, keep in mind i have a 07 VW jetta.
  • i believe the person i bought my car from changed the tires to slightly larger ones, so i don't know if i need more or less PSI


*Does my 07 jetta check the spare?

  • is there a reset button some where on the older ( 07 ) models i don't know about?
  • i will lower the psi to the recommended 34 to see if that helps, and check my spare and will update this post afterwards
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Does the indicator blink on and off before turning solidly on? If so you might have a fault with the TPMS system.

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