Out the blue 23" Cinema HD Display stopped working


I had bought this brand new exactly 10 years ago. I have been using it quite frequently. Today it stopped working, with no apparent reason at all, the display went blank, the power-on light off. When I touched the power button, no any reaction at all, nothing. My gut feeling was telling me that there was something wrong within the display. I checked with the power adaptor (using a Mac mini adaptor leftover cable) and it's output is a perfectly fine 24V DC so it is the diplay which is in trouble.

I've watched the v=rDfuxn8u6PU video and there the power LED is said to be flashing and that it's about a regulator fail in the board inside. In the same video it's shown how to replace the failed element. I can do all these stuff by myself, i.e. opening the aluminum case, solder out small electronic parts, etc. But of course I'd like to know beforehand if my display's trouble is the same as the one shown in that video. Could you comment on what the problem with my display could be? Thank you.

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