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Sony Bravia KDL52EX700 TV shuts down with 5 blinks

Note: My TV is a Sony Bravia 52" LCD TV (not available in device selection)

After being on for several hours (can be as long as 6 hours), my KDL52EX700 TV shuts down with the 5-blinks error. After several hours/days I can restart the TV again but it continues to shut down (almost as if it is overheating) after several hours.

I've done a Factory re-set but it still shuts down.

Using the Sony remote I was able to obtain the following error codes:

HFR_ERR, 170626113541 (error history; only one record), 10 (error count)

P_ID_ERR, no error history recorded, 12 (error count)

After a recent restart and a subsequent shut down, the error codes were the same as above and there was only the single error history recorded (i.e. no new failure date and time).

Any assistance would be very much appreciated regarding which component I need to replace.

See attached image

Block Image

Update (10/01/2018)

Hello Dan,

Thanks for your recommendations. Apologies for my late response. I was unable to respond until now. I took off the back reseated all the cable connections and inspected the boards. Nothing obvious that I can see. I’ll try and upload the photos of the boards. If they don’t upload perhaps I can email them to you.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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I turned the TV on just to check and unlike previous occasions it did not stay on for very long (less than five minutes before the 5 flashes started).


Do not start Up the screen, what can I do?


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The HFR error is usually an indication of a problem with the LCD panel. It could be as simple as a bad connection which is causing the panel to draw too much current which triggers the shutdown. I would take the back off the unit and re-seat all of the cable connections. While this may not resolve the problem, it would indicate that a connection is not the issue.

Also, with the back off, post photos of the boards. It is possible that a power supply problem can trigger this too. The pictures will help to see if there is something obvious.


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