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Guides on how to fix and or repair common issues on the 1995-2002 3rd generation Toyota 4Runner. The 3rd generation 4Runner is a body-on-frame truck-based SUV with Independent Front Suspension (IFS) and solid rear axle with coil springs in the front and rear.

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My temperature gauge stop working

My temperature gauge stop working all of a sudden

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I've never had that happen before so I couldn't tell you how to fix it. If definitely take it somewhere asap though to get it fixed or make sure it's not over heating. If it over heats it could cause a fire. You could also call around to Honda dealerships or places to see if it's safe to drive it till you take it in plus get an estimate. Just be careful. I don't know much about cars but definitely call around.

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Just done my valve cover gaskets 3 days ago and today I just noticed my temperature gauge wasn’t working but I know for sure it worked before they done the valve cover gaskets .. smh

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