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How do I properly install the external lense back onto my rear camera?

At some point the external lense of my phones rear facing camera popped out of my phone. I ordered a new one but it doesn’t just pop in and stay. What do I need to do to properly reinstall this lense I ordered?

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I use b7000 liquid glue on the area where the adhesive usually goes to adhere the rear glass to the screen.

You will need to remove the rear camera temporarily to avoid getting glue on it and dont put too much so that it doesn't cover or smudge the lens area.

If it gets on the glass lens area you use isopropyl alcohol to remove the liquid glue.

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It should glue in around the edges. Make sure none of the glue overlaps over the edges onto the lens, otherwise your photos will always have a mark on them.

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It came with a black frame around the lense though and won’t detach from it. It causes the lense to stick out from the phone and pop out if a case is put back on the phone. Is there anything I can do about that piece?


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