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Kdl 40w600b No picture but sound and back-lit

My Sony kdl 40w600b No picture but have sound and back-lit.

Sony authorized service inspected and quoted for display panel replacement, the cost is closer to new TV and I don't think it is worth.

I still hope some component replacement rather than panel may help.

Appreciate your help.

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Here’s what I found. I hope it helps

The Most likely Problem part: BAX-L

It seems to be a very common problem with these models.



Part sources - Sony BRAVIA KDL-40W600B (great prices, but out of stock)

There's always eBay too.


Good Video:


If you want to go deeper in a video:

How to repair Sony Bravia LCD TV ll Turns On Turns Off automatically blinking led 6 times?

Service Manuals | Sony| TV |

Higher level manual for:

KDL-40W580B, KDL-40W590B, KDL-40W600B, KDL-40W605B, KDL-40W607B, KDL-40W608B, KDL-48W580B, KDL-48W585B, KDL-48W590B, KDL-48W600B, KDL-48W605B, KDL-48W607B, KDL-48W608B, KDL-48WM15B, KDL-60W600B, KDL-60W605B, KDL-60W607B, KDL-60W608B

Level 3 Service Manual (detailed):

No Picture Troubleshooting Point - P.63

No Picture Blue Screen Troubleshooting Point - P. 73

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I have the same problem... I saw on another section that someone with the same issue changed the main board and TUS board and it didn’t help... what else could control the picture?!? What does the long thin board(s) at the bottom control?

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why are your 40W600B different looking compared to my KDL40W600B ? anyway if you guys cant fix that can u sell me the LCD ? i need it.


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