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The Asus Republic of Gamers G20 is a small-form-factor gaming PC with enthusiast-level components and good performance. Released in 2014.

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The PC boots to Bios screen each time it starts

Each time I boot up the PC it goes to the bios screen and does not want to boot to windows.

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Ok, so let's do a bit of troubleshooting. In the bios, is the hard drive or SSD (haven't looked up specs sorry) showing up? Does the hard drive click? We need to find what is stopping the computer from booting into windows. Will you provide some more info?


My ASUS ROG G20AJ has started doing the same of the past couple of months. There's been no updates released from ASUS to fix the issue so perhaps they aren't aware. I have to keep pressing the power button to force the shutdown, then boot again and it's usually fine (until the next new reboot the following day).


I I Have the same issue and solves it same way


Does anyone have a fix for this? Just upgraded the SSD and HDD and applied new thermal paste recently, worked for a couple of boots but now boots to the BIOS everyday and displayport is not recognized, I have to boot through the HDMI to get access to the BIOS and manually boot through that. I’m at my nerves end here!


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The normal solution, in this sort of scenerio, would to reset the BIOS to default by taking out the “coin” battery forcing the BIOS to its factory settings. Unfortunately, the Asus ROG G20AJ is a bit of a lemon in that the case is very hard to open and then once opened the motherboard and all its components are very hard to access.

Perhaps take a look at the BIOS screen. Is there a default setting option?

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Opening is the easy part, having to redo thermal paste again is the annoyance. The BIOS settings don't save for very long, it seems to reset to defaults after it's been powered off a couple of times so I assume the battery needs changing which is my next move once they arrive. I'll update as I continue to test.


Good luck Brian.

How is Alfred Olby doing who first asked the question?


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