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The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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How to see if the laser works?

how can i see if the bluray laser is working?

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You do not want to look at the laser it can do permanent damage to your eyes. The answer is rather obvious, though not the answer you are looking for. If you put a disk in and the disk spins and it reads disk(s) it is working. If it is spinning disks but not reading them then I would try cleaning the lens with isopropyl alcohol to do that you will need to disassemble the PS3 to get to it. There is a link to a guide below that will show you how to get to the laser. If cleaning it doesn't work the laser assembly needs replaced. You can find replacements here or on eBay. Instructions for replacing it are here. Please look at the tool requirements in the repair guide before you begin. You will also need to purchase the correct laser assembly, all pS3s do not use the same one. You will need to get the part number off the assembly.

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well i have a brand new one, from ebay.

and it sems to pull the dvd do far, it will not get centerd:S

i can put upp a movie in a few min


+ Thank you for the videos! They have helped. The disk is not spinning. Did you just replace the laser on this or did it just start doing it?


Yes it just hapend so I thong it was the laser, because it happen to my friend, and I swap it and it it workt....

But now it don't so I think maybe the "new" laser I broken too or something els


You installed a new laser assembly. Did you remember to remove the clip from your old laser and screw it on the new? If you didn't that is more than likely your problem. If you did, for the moment lets just say that the laser is good. If it is good then there are 2 causes of your new drive not spinning discs....1) Things aren't lined up properly. 2) One of your cables isn't plugged in properly. Go back reseat all your wires, make sure they are in their sockets snug and square to the connectors. Then give it a try. If that doesn't work tear it down again including removing the laser assembly and reinstall everything double checking wire connections etc... make sure that the track the laser rides on is square, installed correctly and that the laser assembly is seated properly on it's starting spot. There is a good guide with pictures here:


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