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The Polar M400 Watch monitors the user’s training data, including heart rate, speed, distance and route.

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The pins in the charger adapter on the watch bent. Can you fix this?

The pins on the inside of the charger adapter on my watch bent. How do I fix this?

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Great news my andriod phone adapter works in mine when my adapter broke. The adapter for it is very common & can be bought for $1.00 at Dollar Trees or 99 & More stores.You can find the cord and plug in seperate & it's cheaper that way.

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It is not my adapter that is broken. Its the pins on the phone where the charger plugs into the watch.


Sorry WISH sells phone watches super cheap like $10.00


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You can use tweezers to unbend them.

However due to oxydation the pins can fall off.

I am looking for a solution to fix it. (inspired by the battery replacement tuto) I will update it ass soon as I did it.

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did you find replacement pin usb m400?


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