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Repair information for the Apple Earphones that include a remote and microphone. Released in 2009. Model number: MB770G/B.

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Apple earphone are not working.

I have a pair of Apple earphones but only one side of my earphones work. Is it possible to repair them or not?

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It would probably be cheaper to just replace them with an affordable model.


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Well start by using a different device (iphone, ipod, or mac): It could very well be the jack, rather than the deadphones.

next, lace the traces with solder: they could be worn down, and a thin layer of solder could make the connection good again.

if these two options dont work, you have a physical break in the headphones, and the amount of labor involved in fixing them, is worth FAR more than just buying a new pair for 40$. this can be found here.

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