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In this guide we will be walking you through replacing the motherboard for the MSI GE72 2QF Apache Pro laptop.

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Pink hue on internal display, normal on external


I have this GE72 2QF APACHE PRO laptop for about 2 years. (using it for ~1.5).

The screen had burned green pixel on it from day one :( But never mind that...

I always had it connected to a separate monitor and used that other monitor as the main display, and turning ON and OFF the laptop's when I need an extra screen, in Extend mode.

Yesterday while i was playing some YouTube videos on the laptop display and playing Hearthstone on the main display (the external one) I noticed the colors on the laptop's went pink.

There's also ghosting on the corners so if i leave an app like notepad open for a few mins I can still see the title and such on the corners of the screen when i close the app. (called "Ghosting").

And turning it on and off didn't fixed it.

Opening/Closing the lid slightly (or more than that) doesn't seem to cause any effect on the colors, they are just pink when the display is ON.

I added links to 2 YouTube videos I recorded showing what I'm talking about.




also some pictures:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I tried opening it, unplugged and replugged the cables, didn't worked at all.

it's pink even before Windows comes up (in BIOS etc).

I reinstalled Windows (regardless of this issue, got a new SSD...yay)

but it didn't helped, didn't expect it would since the problem exists even before Windows come up.

What is more likely the problem, the LCD panel or the video cable? change the panel is easy, changing the cable is too much dangerous work...

Hope you have some knowledge about this, Thank you.

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I changed the screen and the problem is solved.

The problem was the screen itself not the cable or anything else.

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