The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is known by different models depending on the features. Regular model: SM-T580 (WiFi), SM-T585 (3G,4G/LTE and WiFi) released in May 2016 or S-Pen model: SM-P580 (WiFi), SM-P585 (3G,4G/LTE and WiFi) released in September 2016. It is a 10.1- inch tablet manufactured by Samsung Electronics and their new high-end “A” series.

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My screen is all black

My tablet was in my book bag and I dropped it on concrete. At first it never turned on, then I charged it for awhile and it started to make sounds. I can lock it and it will sound or press the volume button and even touch the screen and you can hear it click on apps. But, the screen is ALL black.

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It sounds to me that the screen is broken and the LCD got damage when it fell on the concrete. All you have to do is take it to a near by shop to see if they can order you a screen or go online and look to purchase a screen and replace it. Any questions please let me know.

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Oh ok! Thanks. Do you have an estimate on much that would most likely be?


you're looking at between $150-$200


Oh dang!! Thanks.


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1. Press and hold the volume down and power button until the Android System Recovery screen appears.

2. Navigate using volume keys and select using the power key.

3. Select Wipe cache partition and allow to complete.

4. The device should automatically reboot, select the reboot option if it doesn’t.

In the vast majority of cases, this has addressed the black screen issue. This usually indicates an app is causing stability problems. If this is the case for you, begin troubleshooting apps by disabling or uninstalling them until the device works normally again.

Factory reset to fix black screen issues

If the previous step doesn’t work, the only other option to fix a black screen after turning on an Android device is a factory reset. This will wipe the device of all your personal data so should only be attempted as a last resort and after backing up your data if possible.

1. Power off the device.

2. Press and hold the volume down and power button until the Android System Recovery screen appears.

3. Navigate using volume keys and select using the power key.

4. Select Wipe data/factory reset and confirm.

5. The device should automatically reboot or select the reboot option if it doesn’t.

If this final step fails, it is likely a hardware issue and you should follow that up with your provider.

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It is difficult to solve a broken screen with this solution. It is not locked, it starts and the touch works.


This could be an option, but nothing on the screen is visible. So, it is most likely a hardware issue.


Sakshi Verma's answer was spot on! This solved my problem. I was so happy to not have to replace my tablet since I love this one and it has all my data on it.


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Same I can't see the recover options. Screen is

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