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This page will help you diagnose specific problems with a Lenovo Edge Thinkpad E431. Although recently released by Lenovo in 2013, please note that this version has been discontinued.

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What is a “bad sector” error?

My laptop tells me “corrupted sector” when I try to run a program from a folder I created when I first downloaded the program. I tried to receive the application from the folder to run it on another computer but my laptop returns this error. I don’t understand what that means.

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And how is this a question? or a problem?


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Rename the bad folder (if possible) to JUNK.

If OK, delete the folder JUNK, and empty the trash.

Press Windows key,,,, click on Computer, Right-click on the drive where you had installed the program.

Click on Properties, on Tools, on Check now.

Follow the steps to check the drive.

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This will auto-magically fix problems with the data contents.

If it encounters problems with the hardware, it will tell you.


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After some digging, I found that a ‘bad’ or ‘corrupted’ sector means that the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has a section of the disk that is no longer useable. The data stored in that sector has been lost and the storage space provided by that sector is also no longer useable. This is usually a sign that the HDD is going bad.

It is possible to repair bad sectors, however the user may not retrieve lost data. To repair a bad sector, the user must purchase a repair program. While it is less expensive to repair the sector, it is tedious and time consuming. It is professionally suggested that the HDD be replaced entirely because if one sector has gone bad, it usually means the entire disk will eventually become obsolete.

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