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Which Microphone should be replace?


Do I have a problem with one of the microphones of my iPhone but I'm not sure which one is it?

  • Siri doesn't hear me (Not response/No reaction)
  • Whatsapp and Viber and IMO and google duo doesn't transfer my voice (only in video calls) but all of them work in audio calls perfectly
  • When I want to use dictation in message,Mic doesn't work
  • Most important point is that all issue disappear when I use earphone
  • And also I don't have any problem when I record the video clip from front camera / rear camera.

I mean I don't have any issue when I have video call by earphone with all IMO/WhatsApp,....

  • Another amazing thing is that I don't have any issue with facetime (with/without earphone)

Now, please help me which Mic has the issue?

According to my experience, the problem is from the microphone which located in front camera replacement assembly

That's correct?

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You have two microphones on the phone. One on the bottom left and the other is located on the back side close to the camera (it's the tiny hole). From what you have provided it appears that the bottom microphone is not functioning. Typically, when recording a video the microphone on the back end is the one in use vs the bottom mic.

I may be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure the bottom mic is connected to the usb assembly.

Good Luck

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According to this Apple source

There are 3 microphone on each iPhone

1.Bottom Mic : Located near the lightning connector

2.Rear Mic : Located in back/top of iPhone between Rear Camera and Flash

3. Front Mic : located on top of display near the receiver

also we know that

-Bottom Mic is a part of Lightning port flex assembly

-Rear Mic is a part of power/volume flex

-Front Mic is a part of Front (isight)camera flex

and if we follow that document it says "If audio from video recordings sounds faint, or Siri can’t hear you, make sure that the microphone near the iSight camera—on the top, back corner of your iPhone—and the receiver isn’t blocked or covered."

In result , In my case, the problem should be from Front Mic and I have to replace Front Camera flex assembly?!


The best way to verify is to have Apple run their diagnostic test that they do in the Apple Store. It can easily determine which mic is down.

You may get lucky too because I just found this If it turns out to be the isight camera, then it's up for replacement if your phone is part of it.


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