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The TJ series of Wranglers from the years of 1997-2006.

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How to repair reverse switch on automatic 2001 Jeep TJ

My reverse lights dont works on my Jeep trying to replace the switch but I can't locate it for an Automatic transmission, All guides I've found are for Manual transmission. Any help will be welcome

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If you have the 4sp auto 42RLE then the only switch I can find relevant is the Transmission Range Switch.43RLE Bottom left picture switch number 3. Again called a TRS. The other two are input and output switches.

If however it is the 3 speed auto either the 30/32RH unit then it is a 3 pin neutral/safety switch. location

That might look something like this, 3 pin


Based on that location picture, I think we are looking at an upside down view of the tranny. As that looks a lot like the edge where the pan sits. So I'm going to say left hand side, lower.

Block Image

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I believe mine is the 3-speed so where of you start to look is the location from that diagram?


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