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The Lite Version of Huawei's 2017 P10 smartphone. Released in March 2017 it features a dual rear-camera setup developed in partnership with Leica. Equipped with 32/64 GB storage and in six different finishes. Model number WAS-LX1A.

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Brand new lcd screen suddenly goes black after turning it on


I've replaced the shattered lcd screen of my Huawei P10 Lite using a non-official replacement bought on ebay.

When turning on the device, the screen works for less than a second (with very low brightness) then stops working.

Phone boots normally, but the display can't retain the image. It was confirmed when seeing my lockscreen wallpaper when pressing the power button.

I've tested my old broken lcd and it doesn't goes black instantly as the new one. It "lights" normally.

Could the new lcd is defective or has compatibility issues due the fact that wasn't fabricated by Huawei?

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Defective LCD.

Aftermarket screens should work on it fine, unless it's faulty.

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