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Alcatel Onetouch Go Play is a rugged, low-cost smartphone released in 2015 with complete water and dust resistance.

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lost my standard ringtones.. how do I get them back?

i reset my whole phone because of space and it kept sticking. all my ringtones and standard ringtones are gone. How do i get them back?

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The standard ones should repopulate when the device is restored. Maybe try restoring again? Or, does your device have a file explorer? if not, you could try downloading one, (like ES file explorer) and look around to see if there is a media folder containing those audio clips. Worst case scenario, you can download a ringtone app from the Play Store and it will create a new ringtone/audio directory with some audio clips. Those new clips should then show up in native phone apps like "phone", "clock", etc.

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