The phone powers on until the apple logo and then dies

iphone 6s, no background info. powers on for the apple logo and then dies, just been asked to have a look at it havent opened it or anything yet, what could it be?

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Try update first via iTunes, usually solves the issue when Apple logo appears for like 15 seconds then shuts off.

With the iPhone plugged in hold home button while turned off then hold power button until you see the iTunes reocvery logo.

Then use iTunes to update the phone which will keep data.

If it shows iTunes error -27, then unfortunately you will have to restore the phone and lose all data.

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Battery! If its not on boot loop then its battery

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Yes this can be the reason as well. Better to try another battery before restore.


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Is the goal here to recover data? If no, start by ruling out software as an issue. Plug the phone it a computer with iTunes installed. Put the phone into DFU mode: Begin holding the power button and home button down at the same time. At the 10 second mark, release the power button but continue holding the home button.

When iTunes detects "phone in recovery mode" continue and choose to "restore" the phone. If this process succeeds, smile, you are done. If the process errors out than at least you know more information than you did 15 minutes earlier. Write down you error number given to you by iTunes. This may help to diagnose your hardware issue.

You may also try downloading a free application called 3U Tools. Try this if and when iTunes fails. 3U Tools is repeating the same process but you may gain more information this way.

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